Web Development Business Terms

Comware International provides development services under the terms of a standard agreement called the "Agreement for Web Development Services". The basic agreement is signed once with the customer, and a series of "Supplement" agreements describe tasks to be performed.

Each Supplement also provides an estimate of the number of human-hours required to perform the specified tasks, and provides a cost per hour. Rates per hour are defined in the online document "Comware Web Development Rates", and vary depending on the level of commitment (size) of a project.

Multiple Supplements usually exist for an original Customer, providing the capability for phasing of the development of a website, tuning its performance, providing Search Engine Optimization tasks, or even developing multiple websites.

Semi-monthly Invoicing of services is provided via email and (if requested) by conventional US mail. In some cases, a Supplement may request a retainer payment for a portion of services in advance, in which case an invoice can be issued at the start of a Supplement project.

We do not take credit cards for Web Development services, so payment is by bank check or International Wire Transfer.

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