The Web Development Process (Summary)

There are many aspects to developing a website, starting with defining a purpose and establishing a development plan. The actual "web design", where you determine color scheme and "the look and feel" is just part of that plan. The process continues to the "maintenance" level where on-going changes occur.

Read all the details in our White Paper: " Understanding the Web Development Process" .

Meanwhile, here is a "broad-brush" outline of our Web Development philosophy, in 12 steps:

Step 1: Determine your Purpose

Define and write down the purpose of your site so it can be designed with that purpose in mind.

Step 2: Establish your "Look and Feel"

The key ingredients are: colors, layout, and font style. These should be consistent among the pages of a site. Make a "storyboard". Target one part of the page that would be an "instant eye-catcher".

Step 3: Navigation

Make it obvious what the users can select to move among the web pages, and be consistent among the pages. Avoid: excessive graphic image buttons or "drop-down" menus that slip and slide under your cursor before you get a chance to click.

Step 4: Content

This is the real "meat" of a website. This should include clear and consise description of who you are, what you do, where you are, and what's unique about you. Place most important points at the top.
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