"The City of Solvang has done business with Dave Retz of Comware International for 10+ years. They have proven to be a highly reliable website hosting service. We have always found Dave to be very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. Thank you Dave and we look forward to many more years to come."

Dana Waite

Finance Director
City of Solvang, California

"I have known David Retz since 1983 when we were his Australasian distributor for advanced data communication products that enabled personal computers to communicate over dial up lines to IBM System 34, 36, 38 and AS400 mini-computers. This facility also included 'ELF' - an Electronic Mail product well before the Internet was publicly available.

"David's knowledge of data communication protocols and how this very complex aspect of information technology works is extraordinary. His knowledge and understanding of data communications was evidenced by the fact that IBM paid David as a consultant for many years to teach IBM engineers how IBM's data communications systems such as SNA 5250 and others worked.

"Not only was David way ahead of his time, he is also a man of integrity who is 'loved' by his staff, colleagues, clients and associates. David's undoubted intellectual capability was always mixed with humility, warmth and friendliness.

"We worked with David and the Systar team for 6 years from 1983 to 1988. Subsequently we remained in touch on an annual basis at Christmas.

"Anyone using David Retz's services and products are very fortunate."

John McCann

B.Comm M.OrgPsych FAIM MAPS
Director, OrgPsych AUSTRALIA
Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Helper Agent

"Eight years ago, Comware International developed and has hosted our website and email system. It is still going strong and has hardly skipped a beat. Their CEO, Dave Retz, guided our web design. Much like the work that we do each day, "simple that works" is often a good idea. Our website serves our needs well.

"But there's more to the story: Comware Management, specifically Dave Retz, is truly very bright, talented, and credentialed - with roots at the foundation of the Internet. Our company is well pleased with Comware International, and the work of Dave Retz."

Wil Haines, CPO

MaxCare Bionics
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Comware International offers a wealth of expertise in the areas of software development, web design, IP and data networking. The breadth of knowledge of CEO Dave Retz is amazing, and he complements these skills with marketing awareness and general business management experience. We have worked with Dave on a number of successful ventures going back to 1992."

John Martin

Ancona Systems, Foster City, California

"Comware did a great job of developing the website for our property management company. The site is helpful to people trying to find commercial or residential space, and also allows us to keep our property owners up to date."

Ron Henrey

RPL Property Management, Buellton, California

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