For over 25 years, Comware International has been in the business of providing development services for database applications and website design.

Here are some examples of the services we offer:

  • Web Design - we provide a one-stop source for development of your website, from initial planning, graphic design, programming to full e-commerce and web-based product promotion. Contact us to setup a meeting in person or by phone to discuss your needs.

  • Website Hosting Servers - Contact us to get your website running on the Internet ASAP with high-performance, security and reliability.

  • IT Support - we handle company IT problems, such as: setting up network backup systems, organizing backup strategies, (wireless) network configuration and setup, server software updates, email server setup and configuration. (Note: we do not do workstation/client scanning for viruses/malware or upgrades of workstation/client software upgrades or hardware repair.)

  • Linux Server Technical Support - we provide both server and workstation Linux support. Contact Us to find out how you can get assistance on everything from part-time hourly to 24x7 support. Comware has been running Linux since 1996 in an ISP server environment and is familiar with the major distributions (Slackware, Red Hat, SuSe, Debian and Ubuntu - as well as in-house developed private distributions. Our specialties include: custom kernel configuration, performance monitoring, iptables and network security, email configuration (sendmail, postfix and dovecot SMTP, POP, and IMAP servers), apache web server configuration, web monitoring tools, SSL setup and configuration, custom-building packages such as PHP, backup utilities, MySQL utilities, RAID configuration and device recovery, and backup/restore strategy. Comware has been running Linux in an ISP server environment for 15 years.

  • Database, Cloud Application Development - We provide the ability to custom-develop server applications for your company using the "LAMP" (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. Special applications may also involve development of system software in C or C++. Applications may be custom-tailored to hand-held devices such as the Blackberry™, iPhone™, iPad™ or Droid™.

Comware makes use of the "Application Development Process", a methodology developed by IBM. This is based on functional design, internal design, test planning, and implementation. The goal: to achieve a Reliable, Available, and Serviceable solution for our customers.

Using this approach, we provide consulting, web development, website hosting, email, software design, and consulting services - with customer support as our essential value to be offered.

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