Comware International - Online Products and Services, Terms, and Pricing Summary
Comware International Inc. - Products and Services Summary

1.0 Services

1.1 Online Web Hosting

1.1.1 Description

We host online websites with 24/7 service using our own servers located in a "Colocation Facility" in Los Angeles at One Wilshire Blvd. Our servers share space in a highly-secure computer room with banks, insurance companies, and other web hosting providers. Access to the Internet is via high-speed fiber optic cable without the need to use telco services (Verizon, AT&T, etc.).

Our services include email storage and retrieval via SMTP, POP, and IMAP Internet Protocols, Web Hosting Services using http:// and https:// protocols, File Transfer upload/download capabilities (FTP), hosting of large databases, and other services provided on a customized basis. Servers are 32-bit (email) and 64-bit (web server) Industry standard (Dell and HP) multi-processor rack mount servers running the Linux operating system.

We do not host websites under Microsoft Windows Server.

Above Services are provided according to "Terms of Usage", as specified in Terms and according to pricing options described in Pricing.

In general, services are paid in advance, and are invoiced on a quarterly basis to minimize paperwork. Invoices for anticipated services are issued only through email unless otherwise required (US mail). Payments may be made online using this site (see the Payments link on the home page).

1.1.2 Contact Information

Web Hosting Services are provided under the name "SYV-Online" according to terms and conditions provided in Terms, which describe the service. SYV-Online is a division ("DBA") of Comware International, Inc., a California ("C") Corporation.

1.1.3 Contact Phone Numbers

Available 8am to 5pm Pacific Time (PST or PDT, depending on current time)

1-800-279-2613 (toll-free, USA and Canada ONLY)
1-805-686-1262 (World-wide)

Fax Service: no fax service is provided.

1.1.4 Contact Email

Email: (Note: visit: to obtain the most recent email address, in case the above email has been superceded to avoid SPAM.)

1.1.5 Contact Mailing Address

Mailing address: P.O. Box 410, Solvang, CA 93464

1.1.6 Return Policy

Services are paid in advance at the beginning of each service period, and are not returnable, except for pre-paid services for more than one month. Service periods may be on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, with the default being quarterly. Cancellation notice must be given within 5 calendar days prior to the month of cancellation, or service will be continued for an additional month. In the event service is cancelled, a credit (refund) check will be issued for the pre-paid service period, providing there is no outstanding balance. (See Terms).

1.1.7 Refund Policy

Service is cancellable within five (5) calendar days of the end of any calendar month with notification in writing or email. In the event services have been pre-paid, syv-online will issue credit and reimburse customer for the remainder of the pre-paid invoice. (See Terms).

1.1.8 Cancellation Policy

Customer may cancel service within five(5) calendar days of the end of a month. Customer is liable for all services rendered until the end of the cancelling month, including any surcharges, including traffic and storage. See Terms for reasons for cancellation due to non-payment or abuse.

1.1.9 Delivery/Shipping

Online Services will be delivered according to the Terms, which describe the usage rules, and limitations of usage.

1.1.10 Pricing

See Pricing Brochure for pricing levels for various levels of service.

1.1.11 Methods of Payment

We accept (in person, receipt provided) Cash, Local Business and Personal Checks, Authorized non-local and Personal Business Checks, Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and AMEX) and Electronic Check (eCheck) payments. Payments must be made in US Dollars.

Note that all services are provided according to the terms of usage contained in: Terms and Conditions.

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