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Effective: March 1, 2016,   Previous Pricing: July 1, 2011

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What We Do

SYV-Online.COM is a web hosting division (dba) of Comware International, Inc. - a California Corporation. SYV-Online.COM is located and focuses on the Central Coast of California, specifically the Santa Ynez Valley. Comware International Inc. is the owner company and is the sole business entity that provides this Internet web hosting service. Comware International Inc. also provides other services such as consulting, web design, programming, and software development services.

Many of our customers (websites) reflect websites of persons or companies in this region. In addition to the Santa Ynez Valley, we host websites for companies and organizations around the world.

Premiere Hosting Services
  • Linux-based web hosting
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL database service
  • PHP Programming capability
  • Drupal Content Management System
  • Wordpress Hosting
  • Custom CMS and Database Applications

  • Hosted E-mail with SPAM filtering services
  • Multiple domain names per website (aliasing)
  • Colocation America host facility
  • Very high-bandwidth (Fiber) Internet connection
  • 24x7 System Monitoring
  • >99.99%+ Availability

To maximize performance and reliability, our hosting computers are housed in a "colocation facility" - a computer room at one of the major hubs of the Internet: 1 Wilshire Blvd. - in Los Angeles. This takes advantage of backup power, air conditioning, and redundancy in a state-of-art computer center. This facility is also used by major banks and insurance companies.

Our Debian Linux-based servers have full error-detection and correction hardware capability, redundant power supplies, and multiple CPU processors. All storage uses RAID-5 disk arrays for maximum reliability.

Terms and Conditions

Our services are offered according to the terms and conditions that are described in the attached link: Terms and Conditions. This pricing update: April 1, 2009. Please read this document, as it defines our policies and procedures, especially with respect to payment conditions and use (abuse) of services.

NOTE: We are not a "Throttling Server", which limits the responsiveness for high-traffic sites. Our high-traffic sites receive full capacity to the Internet without throttling. (See: Wikipedia definition of throttling. Many low-cost Web Hosting services perform throttling to prevent any site from usurping all the bandwith, and thereby offer a degraded service at a lower cost.)

Comware International, Inc., offers Web Hosting and E-mail services under the operating unit of SYV-Online. These services are provided in the following seven Service Levels, or "Tiers", which vary in price depending on Base Traffic, Base Storage, Number of Mailboxes, and number of alias Domain Names.

The following billing terms are defined here:
  • "Base Traffic" refers to the total number of Gigabytes transmitted per month, consisting of web pages, images, mp3 files, or uploaded/downloaded data via web browser (HTTP/HTTPS) or file transfer (FTP). (No assessment is made of the number of bytes loaded per month.) In cases where the transmitted data exceeds the amount quoted for the Service Level, a monthly fee is assessed for data transmitted at a rate listed in the table.

  • "Base Storage" refers to the number of Megabytes allowed under the given Service Level. This storage is automatically backed up on a daily basis. In cases where the amount of storage exceeds the amount quoted for the Service Level, a monthly fee is assessed for over-storage based on the number of Megabytes exceeding the base level at a rate listed in the table. (In special cases exceptions can be made to allow storage of data at no charge within specified folders of agreed maximum size with the understanding that the customer is responsible for backup of the data.) (Note: it is possible to also request "secondary" storage that is not backed up as part of our service, but is charged at a different rate or not at all. Please refer to "Storage Costs" below and contact us if this applies.)

  • "Mailboxes" refers to the number of mailboxes available with a website at the base Service Level. Additional mailboxes are available at a rate of $5/month. All mailboxes are provided with names relative to a domain associated with the website, e.g.,

  • "Aliases" refer to additional domain names that are identical and refer to the same website as the primary website. For example, a website such as can have an alias of The table below specifies the number of aliases allowed at no extra charge for a base website. Additional aliases can be added in groups of 10 for $5/month.
TierBase Price/Mo.
(Quarterly Billing)
Base Traffic,
+$/Mb./Mo. over
Base Traffic
Base Storage,
+$/Mb/Mo. over
Base Storage
.5$10/Mo.0.35$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 20$.50/Mb.10
1$25/Mo.1.0$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 50$.30/Mb.21
2$40/Mo.2.5$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 150$.10/Mb.43
3$80/Mo.6$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 600$.0375/Mb.107
4$120/Mo.10$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 1.5GB$.025/Mb.2010
5$190/Mo.16$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 3GB$.012/Mb.3010
6$275/Mo.25$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 5GB$.005/Mb.4010
7$400/Mo.37.5$.030/Mb. ($30/Gb.) 7.5GB$.0025/Mb.5010
* Note: A Credit is also applied if the traffic is below the base traffic level of the specified Tier.

Over/Under Traffic Costs

To accommodate major fluctuations in traffic, sites are charged "over", or credited "under" traffic based on the actual website traffic flow in the past month. Traffic is measured in "total bytes transferred". A Megabyte is 1 Million Bytes, and a Gigabyte is 1,000 Megabytes. Adjustment is made for sites that fall under or over the range of their Tier level. This adjustment is billed/credited as follows:

Over-Traffic: $30/Gigabyte Under-Traffic credit: $10/Gigabyte

Note: Credits do not "roll over" and are applied on a monthly basis after the previous accounting month.

Upgrades and downgrades can be performed between Tier levels by notifying us by email or in writing within 5 calendar days of the end of any billing cycle (which always ends monthly). Please contact us if you have a question about your domain hosting level or options.

Storage Costs

These costs apply to disk storage that is "primary" (automatically backed up every night). To exclude storage charges for disk space, you must notify us by email or in writing within 5 days of any system folder which is NOT subject to backup. Such folders are excluded from monthly charges.

Storage charges considered "primary" are at a rate specified in the table above for the specified Tier, and are invoiced separately from the normal monthly invoice. Such invoices are due within 30 days of issue.

Discounts Available

Standard 12-month Discount

A 10% discount on the standard base fee (per-Tier) of a website is obtained by advance payment on an annual basis.

Non-Profit 12-month Discount

A 20% discount on the standard base fee (per-Tier) of a website is obtained by advance payment on an annual basis by a non-profit Corporation holding a 501c(3) Certificate. To participate, please contact us to request a conversion to special annual non-profit status.

Setup Fees

Initial setup of a website domain and associated email incurs an initial setup fee of $25.00 (unless waived by longer-term plans such as annual billing commitment).)

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