Hosting Facilities

  • E-mail server. 32-bit Quad-processor (Itanium) Intel Server, 4Gb of Error-Correcting (ECC) memory, triply-redundant power supplies (Dell PowerEdge 6400 Server).     Operating System: Linux, Ubuntu 9.04 Distribution, Kernel 2.6.[x] (revised periodically)

  • Web server. 64-bit Quad-processor Intel Server, 8Gb of "under-clocked" memory for reliability.
Both servers use RAID-5 disk arrays with four (4) IBM SCSI LVD drives each for high reliability. Each is backed up daily and backup data is transferred to an off-site storage location. Servers are powered from local battery-backup UPS, and are configured to shut down gracefully in the event of extended power failure. Secondary generator power is also available locally in the event of extended failure.

Note: these are the primary systems that carry the load for our service. We have several other servers that are used in development or for archiving of data.

Internet Backbone Connection

Our services are hosted at a "Colocation" facility at One Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, and service is provided directly on the backbone of the Internet via fiber cable. No intervening telephone company (e.g., Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T) is involved.

System Monitoring

Availability of servers, power, and Internet access is monitored by software on these (and other) local servers, which automatically send alarms via text message in the event of a failure. An additional Internet connection is provided by Comcast Cable to provide a path to the alert system (and access to the facility) in the event of an AT&T failure.

Our "up-time" is monitored and scored on a quarterly basis, evaluating the availability over the past 12, 24, and 36 months.

A current PDF of the last report can be viewed Server Availability and Reliability (SAR) report (uptime).

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