About Comware International, Inc.

What we do
  • We are team-builders. We take on projects that require a systems viewpoint, and assemble tasks to achieve long-term maintainability and reliability. We have implemented large-scale software- and web-development projects, going as far back as the 1970's using the IBM "Application Development Process" model for both software and web design.

  • We offer specialized web development and web hosting services with value-added software capabilities, as well as downloadable software products.

  • Our web development service spans the full scope of Internet web presence, ranging from initial concept, design objective, website planning, layout, graphics, animation, implementation, promotion, and performance measurement.

  • Our hosting services utilize state-of-art hardware (Intel Quad-processor with full power backup, redundant RAID-5 disk array support), daily backup with offsite storage, and website performance measurement software. Our software products offered as part of the hosting service provide value over-and-above that provided by cheap hosting services that are commonly available. Yet, we provide an affordable solution that is tailored to the needs of small to medium-scale businesses.

  • We are experts at software development, with product applications that include e-Commerce systems, turnkey server systems, software for the Linux operating system, spam filtering, and utilities for performance monitoring and for database-driven websites.

Who we are

Comware International has over 40 years of experience in communications and software development - especially with respect to the the Internet. The founder, David Retz, was involved in the early development of the Culler-Fried system and the ARPANET, starting in 1967. Please see Our History and Internet Recollections for more information on our background.

Where we are

We are located in Buellton, California - on the Central Coast of California, USA - about 140 miles (224 km) north of Los Angeles. We provide services world-wide through the Internet.

Business Structure

We are a California C Corporation

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